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Latest Update:

One Soma Global was able to provide the $5000 funding for the necessary improvements in the Impact 11 Kids’ home. A room divider with ample shelving and storage space has been built and is being utilized as we speak. This divider allows the girls to be separated by age groups, and not having all 11 kids in one room is making such a difference in this blessed and love-filled home… Thank you Jesus! And thank you for supporting our Impact 11 Kids’ home. Please keep the children, the leaders, Pastor Dawa and his family, and their church in your prayers.

Meet the Kids!

Our Impact 10 Kids’ home began 4 years ago with a question from the Lord in a small church building in a tiny village in Nepal. Now, I am beyond thrilled to announce that as of April 2022, our kids’ home is 100% funded!!!!

These means we have space for two more children in the home and one more employee. This is the fulfillment of the invitation for the Lord that day 4 years ago. He had 10 kids in mind since the beginning of this dream and we are now seeing that reality. Thank you!  

~ Sierra 

How can you pray? 

God is opening many doors for our ministry and we are excited about the future! Here are a few things we ask you to join us in praying about this month: 

  • Sonakchi Gurung to encounter the love of Jesus through our kids and staff. 
  • All the other children to adjust quickly to having a new family member. 
  • Wisdom and direction for future projects. 

Thank you so much for constantly sowing into what God is doing in Nepal. I am honored to partner with each of you in seeing the Kingdom come on earth in our kids’ home, as it is in heaven! 

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