Our Mission

Connecting the Body of Christ.

One Soma Global is an evangelical ministry that desires to be a vessel of connection from local churches to their communities. We also desire to see churches unite together to better reach their communities. Oftentimes, there are needs that a church is unable to provide resources for within third world countries. Many of these people lack the necessities for health and thus are unable to think beyond today. We have also discovered many pastors and leaders within third-world nations lack access to teaching and resources to grow them spiritually.  It is One Soma’s desire to see national pastors equipped to meet the needs in their communities while being trained in discipleship.  

Because of this, we see our vision as two-fold:  
  1. We connect pastors and churches in third-world nations with resources to meet physical needs while training them spiritually. 
  2.  We connect resources, teaching, and churches from the United States to help disciple these village